Friday, 8 September 2006

Writer's blocked

I think I've been blocked. I've tried a few times to leave a comment on someone's blog and it won't go through. Was it something I said? I can't think of anything. But if I have, tell me - (email address on my profile) and I'll see if I can put it right.

No, not all of you. Blimey. This is not an open invitation to the world to point out my faults.

Of course you (you know who you are) might just have had enough of me. Fair enough. Thanks for all the fish.

p.s. - Problem solved. Such as it was.


JonnyB said...

Not me, guv'nor...

Is it a blogger comments box, a haloscan, a typepad or something else? (other types of blogging software are available)(they are mainly used by hippies).

Might be something silly like moderation suddenly being switched on or whatsit.

Z said...

I'd have to be offensive in a big way, surely, to be blocked by the great and good natured, JonnyB.
*sycophantically cheesy smirk*

It's a blogger comment box and it just says that it's sorry but it can't accept my comment (or some such wording, I could try again and see, but I just can't take the rejection). Moderation is switched on, but it doesn't even get that far. No matter, one does sometimes get dropped by an acquaintance......but if it's something I've said, I'd like to know what to apologise for.

diamondweeza said...

It takes two to tango Z, dignity dictates that you walk off the dancefloor immediately and let them come find you - with a drink!

Anyway, leaves you with more time to concentrate on the family story - fascinating!

Geena said...

Z - I think there's a glitch in Blogger comments at the moment - sometimes my comments have been dropped from your comments box - in fact it has happened a few times. Just won't go through.

So maybe that's all it is.

Z said...

I couldn't post a comment to my own site yesterday! Maybe that's it. But it's been two or three days to the same site and other people have been getting through.

Glitches and Blogger are words that do go together aren't they. But hey, it's simple and it's free - I'd never have started a blog if not for that.

Banana said...

Are you talking about me?


If yes, I switched to Blogger Beta which buggered up everything! Non beta users can't comment. The only way to do it is by commenting as Other.

Z said...

Darling, I am

It's nothing personal then? Whew.

Not that I was worried or offended or anything. But it's funny that you guessed so quickly..............

Banana said...

Well, I got worried because you would comment everyday and I haven't had a comment from you for days!!!

Bleedin Blogger Beta is useless!!!

Z said...

That is a really nice thing to say, and thank you. I will go and recomment immediately.

How do we know said...

these quizes are realy cool, no? I'm taking the one oon planets right now.