Monday, 26 June 2006

But anyone can see he was born

Husband has an appointment with a financial advisor this week, who rang to ask him to bring in identity documents for him to photocopy. I passed the message on. "You'll need your birth certificate," I said. He looked gloomy. "It used to be in the *designated place for such things*," I said helpfully. "It isn't now, I looked." "When you take things like that out, why on earth don't you put them straight back again?" I grumbled.
"Good question" said he.
"Good answer" said I.


Anonymous said...

I have only been married less than a year and am therefore still able to hold my tongue under these circumstances. Rather, I will say something helpful (and likely infuriating) like "WE should really try to keep all that stuff in *designated place for things of that sort*"
Works for now, but we'll likely end up in counseling over it years down the road.

Z said...

But he's supposed to be reliable, so I don't have to be.

Anonymous said...

Mr. KW is just the same. Recent losses from the Place of Safe-Keeping have included a P60, his car insurance documents, his MOT, his passport, and his national insurance card.

I despair..!