Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Blogger is having a few technical problems.

I took some photos this morning that I have, ever since been trying to upload. No luck. Maybe later.

Tomorrow, the Sage and I are going to the Norfolk Show. We will pick up his sister from the station at 9.20 and have a day out together. So please, any witches reading this, I would be most obliged for a Good Weather spell - you know what I want, no rain (or possibly the lightest shower while I'm in the food tent) but not blazing sun which will turn z into a sleepy zzz, and possibly a sunburned one too, were I foolish enough to let it touch my unwary shoulders.


badgerdaddy said...

Have you tried using photobucket or a similar service?

If you want a quick 'how to', collar me when I get back Friday afternoon.

Mind you, you can probably work it out yourself! www.photobucket.com is a free image hosting service, all you do is upload your images to there then paste the link to the image into your blogger page when you're creating the post. Have a play, it's surprisingly easy.

Z said...

you're an angel, aren't you. Ok, I'll play. And if I can't understand the rules, I'll come back to you.