Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Unlikely stories?

Headlines in today's Eastern Daily Press

'Eco-firm to face pollution charges' - embarrassing.

'Outrage over the export of gallows' - a Suffolk farmer has been selling execution equipment to African countries.

'Hoodie heroes commended' - astonishment to find that lads had helped a man who had collapsed. The ambulanceman assumed they were mugging him until he realised they were using their hoodies to keep him warm. Hope he's ashamed.

And my favourite -
'Axeman tries to chop his way into Norwich prison'


stitchwort said...

Presumably the outrage over the gallows exporting is in the breasts of some of Bystander's more right wing commenters - they would SO like them to be in full use in England. (Is "commenters" a real word? or did I just make it up?)

Z said...

Well, could be. But none of the EDP's readers, who are anti capital punishment to a man and woman.

But, given the subject matter, I could have done without the comment by Amnesty International's spokesman about the 'gaping loopholes' in the trade regulations.