Monday, 29 May 2006


Yes indeed, 69. A good and goodly number. Of tomato plants, fitted into one greenhouse. I've finally finished planting out all three greenhouses; you will be agog to know what is in them.

108 tomato plants: 23 Sungold, 55 Idyll, 10 Green Zebra, 14 Black Russian, 6 White Potato-leaved (or possibly, Potato-leaved White, it is a variety that is licenced to be sold by only one firm but Al was given the plants on condition they are for our own consumption. Apparently it is an old Beefsteak variety).

17 Jalapeno peppers

20 Sweet peppers (Capsicum)

11 cucumbers

21 aubergines

22 Cape Gooseberries (Physalis)

12 pots of lemongrass

Additionally, the greenhouses contain 2 Black Hamburg grape vines and a passion flower.

Now all I have to do is spend the summer feeding, watering and picking the produce. Yay.

I'm about to plant out the pumpkins. After lunch. Don't you just love Bank Holidays, plenty of time to get some work done.


stitchwort said...

With all those plants to water and harvest, you'll find it difficult to go away on holiday this summer!
Apropos builders and their bums, have you found The Daily Arse ?

stitchwort said...

There was supposed to be a link there, but it didn't come out - it's

Z said...

Stitchwork, I'm so glad you weren't linking me to which was quite startling. Thanks for the actual link.

I went on holiday at the end of March for just that reason. I'm going to go to Wiltshire for a few days in August to see my sister, but family will hold the fort then.

Blue Witch said...

Good grief! Your greenhouses must be huuuuge!

We had great trouble getting Idyll seeds to germinate. In fact, we didn't manage it, despite 3 tries. Ssdly. In days of old if you got a duff packet of seed and sent it back, they replaced it and usually sent you either other packets of seed, or a money-off next purchase voucher, and a nice letter of apology.

I sent that back and all I got was a letter with 3 typos - "Sorry you were diappointed, better luck next time" and a few paras about how you need to look after germinating seeds, and how they hadn't had any other complaints about that batch of seed so it must be my fault not theirs. Hmmm.

Z said...

It's been a squeeze this year and I'll have to be very good about pinching out sideshoots or I'll have a jungle. Usually Al sells surplus plants in the shop but I was so late getting organised.

Idyll was being sold cheap by Mr Fothergill if you spent *however much*. I haven't grown it before. Sungold seeds are very expensive, but yummy tomatoes.

If I got a letter like that I'd not buy from the firm again - why not just give you a voucher, cheap good publicity and ensures future custom. And what's with typos in a business letter?

Blue Witch said...

Last para - *exactly* :)

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