Friday, 16 March 2007

Z puts in the plug

Pat is doing terrifically well, but she needs your vote. She's currently in second place and you only have until Sunday to vote for her. Here's the link to vote for Pat's Past Imperfect.

And while I'm plugging, I sullenly ignore most of the "Comic" Relief output by desperate celebs anxious to bring themselves publicity while not being very funny at all, but this is different. Please support Mike, who is quite wonderful and who has created this book from scratch in only a week. Do buy. You only have to look at the list of contributors to know it'll be splendid.


Wendz said...

Yeah baby - go Pat go!

When I voted she was still in 2nd place...brilliant considering the great nominations there were.

Murph said...

Thanks for the reminder, Z. I've just popped over and voted for Pat.

Z said...

I know, but she's worth it.

Good dog, Murph *rub behind your ears*

(don't know you quite well enough to sniff your paws, besides that's more for my pleasure than yours!)