Friday, 16 March 2007

Z drinks champage and it goes to her head

Dear me, I'm not tired tonight, but I am totally smashed. It started with the champagne - only a couple of glasses but it goes straight to the head. It's the bubbles, darlings. I moved on to white wine of the still variety afterwards.

However, the good news is that the Sage kissed me before - the bad news - he went out.

He went out. Yes. Hm.


He'll be back.

Blimey, I am smashed, aren't I.

I would, by the way, like to conduct a poll on how many say 'aren't I' and who says 'amn't I'. Any takers?


martin said...

You are cool, smashed at 8.29. Well it is Friday.
I say ain't I. It's a London thing.

Z said...

Martin, you are great. I hadn't even noticed how unfashionably early it is. Truth is, I prefer not to try to sleep when the room is going round, nowadays, so I get drunk early.

Ain't I. Of course. Except round here, we say "Int"

Wendz said...

Aren't I. That's what I say....question tags - rules must be respected etc etc ;)

A bit green about your state of non-sobriety though...I could do with some bubbly myself. Could also do with a kiss...well not from you Z - I mean I do love you but not enough for a snog.

Z said...

*peck on the cheek* Wendz. Mouth very closed. Neither of us is that drunk.

luna said...

I say "am I" as in "I'm never smashed,am I" coz I'm a teatotaller(I total teacups and I smash them,do not I).

Anyways why the brut de brut toasting?

Looking forward to reading about your
feathered flock as I am interested in birds since I had a pair of pidges in my room.

Z said...

Hi Luna - no real reason for the fizz, just that Friday feeling.

We had a pair of swallows down the chimney once. Not easy to persuade them out of the window.

Dandelion said...

"Aren't I"?

Dandelion said...

ps I'm smashed too

Dandelion said...

pps Where I come from, no-one over the age of 22 months says "amn't I". It's baby-talk and nothing more.

luckyzmom said...

There 'amn't' no such word as 'amn't'. At least there aren't in these parts.

jen said...

you are hip, personified. i aspire to your elder greatness. a truly wild woman.

and if this sounds cheeky, you need to know that it isn't. not at all. i mean every word.

Z said...

No votes - not even mine - for amn't I as yet. Anyone? Don't be deterred by Dandelion, I know at least two people over the age of 22 months who say amn't.

Jen, the things you say. It's no wonder I love you so.

Steg said...

Definitely "int". Tha's a rum owd dew!

I love champagne. You don't so much get drunk on it as get high on it. I recall some world-shattering hangovers though.

Z said...

You are, as ever, right Steg. Not so much drunk as high.

I avoid hangovers though. I drink to enjoy, not to regret.

And, Pat and How Do We Know, who worry that I'm going to the dogs (sorry, Murph), I don't drink too much. Just the right amount. Heh heh.

hey bartender said...

I just shuddered at reading the word champagne - that's how much I drank the last time I had any (which was about three or four years ago on New Year's Eve). Good for you, though. If it doesn't make you sick or whatever. I have the same m.o. as far as the drinking early thing. Can't deal with hangovers.