Tuesday 29 January 2019

Z is old and sensible

I've made all the marmalade we'll need for the year and it's nicely tucked away on the larder shelf.  There are still half a dozen pots from last year, which have been brought into the kitchen.  I've also frozen a few oranges in case I want to cook with Seville oranges during the next year.  I'm more efficient than I used to be, in some respects, which feels a bit boring; but hey ho.  It's bound to catch up in the end and it seems that I've finally grown up, chiz chiz.

I don't think I mentioned, last time LT and I were in Reading, we went to Ikea to look at wardrobes.  I know.  I know, darlings, I've avoided this sort of stuff for so many years, but I have finally entered the stage of my life when I want a dressing room.  So bookcases will be shifted in favour of wardrobes.  The books will be kept, of course, I haven't changed fundamentally.  Anyway, we were so enervated by the job of circumnavigating the Ikea showroom that we couldn't quite face ordering anything to be delivered 160 miles away, so just wrote it all down and haven't glanced at it since.

But tonight I want Tim to cheer me up because I'm feeling old and dull, so he's playing Fats Domino. Hooray.  The Fat Man Rules!


Kipper said...

I’ve heard that if you have chickens, you will have rats. Around here I’ve set bait stations that are not dog accessible but are ratnaccessible. Has helped a bit, as has the 42 lb. poodle who i demands to go out and launches off the deck whenever she senses rodent activity near the coop. Maybe you need a dog (kidding....you have enough going on. Ow).

allotmentqueen said...

Ah yes, the Ikea maze - thou shalt not leave the store until you've been past every single item on sale. Never think you can do a quick in-out at Ikea. Set aside at least half a day. I'm surprised your nearest one is 160 miles away. Is that the Swedish one?

Z said...

With all the cats, as well as owls and other animals, I'm not very happy about putting bait down - nothing eats the rats, but they do eat mice and they'd eat the poison too. Rummy is a keen ratter, at least.

We were in Reading anyway with a spare day, but a trip to Sweden would have been quite jolly. I am, anyway, no longer an Ikea virgin, but I I firmly didn't look at anything at all on the way to wardrobes. We did, however, get lost on the way out and were rescued by another shopper. Having slogged round the place with such effort, we couldn't face ordering anything there and then, the explanation of ordering in Reading to be delivered in Norfolk was too much for us!