Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bare-faced cheek

Here I am, make-up-less and - actually, I could have done something with my hair, couldn't I?  No matter.  My eye does look a bit pouchy in the photo, something I hadn't noticed in the mirror.  However, the swelling has gone down, it's just a bit red and no one seems to have noticed all day, or maybe they're just too tactful to mention that I look as if I've been in a bit of a dust-up.  You should see the other fellow, darlings.

I feel so much brighter of eye, though.  It's made me realise that my brain must have been disregarding the obstruction to my vision - that is, I didn't consciously see the mole but it must have been blocking the corner from my sight because there's a difference now, even without glasses on.  I keep putting the damn things down and losing them, though.  I can't read with them on or prepare food, nothing close to.

So, enough about that, end of story.  From tomorrow, I'll tell you a bit about my mother.  I'm afraid there are no early photos of her though.  Hardly anything from her childhood was kept - her grandmother's glove box and portrait (which I don't really know what to do with) and that's it.  Her father, when he was losing his sight, decided to burn all photos and memorabilia, which was a great pity.  So the portrait will be painted in words.  As I said the other day, I have written about her before so it'll be based on posts from six years ago.  Only a few of you will have read them and fewer remember them, so I hope that you will excuse me as Blue Witch has kindly done.


Blue Witch said...

The surgeon seems to have done a great job.


And as for the repeats... call them the ZZC, I can guarantee that no-one will remember all the details - or probably even any at all. I've reposted things laods of times and no-one has ever noticed.

Z said...

It hardly seems worth forking out for varifocals and getting used to them, just for a fortnight without a contact lens. But I've just had to swap glasses because my distance ones are too strong to read the computer screen by, so it's a bit of a nuisance (I'd still need two pairs because of playing music).

He did it with a single swipe of his scalpel, I was very impressed. Great confidence. There may be a slight incurve on my eyelid, but that's because of the growth inside it, not his fault.

Roses said...

Considering that you had surgery on it yesterday, I think you're looking damn fine woman!

wendz said...

I'm not surprised your vision seems clearer - that was quite a big growth you had there. Funny how we don't see what's right in front of our eyes - or in your case, right in your eye. :)

You are very brave and hugely matter of fact about it.

Z said...

I did my worrying a few weeks ago, so it was over and done with. And now I'm so pleased it's done, I don't care if I look a bit of a wreck for a few days.

Zig said...

Looking good, I'm sure you are, both at the world and the world at you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe just a monocle to wear until the contact lens is allowed. Like H. Poirot or Mr. Peanut.
You do look fabulous in that photo and the eye swelling is very minimal.

Z said...

Ziggi love, I shouldn't really even have mentioned it considering how stoical others are. Thank you xx

Bertie Wooster! Yes you're right, Anon, I've got to get me a monocle. Fabulous is a bit OTT, but I'll forgive you :)

john.g. said...

I think you look delightful! xx

mig said...

You look lovely and bright-eyed.
And I shall look forward to reading about your mother as I haven't seen any old posts about her.