Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Z sings. Badly, but the wonder is that it was done at all

I was writing an email to a friend earlier on today and, halfway through, realised that a whole paragraph was not a personal, chatty letter but part of a blog-post.  I know I get personal here and goodness knows I'm chatty enough, but a fine line had been crossed.

If only I could remember what I'd written, I'd be well on the way to tonight's post.  Ho.  And hum.

Anyhoo.  Kenny's funeral today.  Most of the people in the congregation, some sixty of them before the family came in, were village residents who had known Kenny and Muriel for many years.  It's noticeable that the church always fills up from the back on these occasions, but if people don't know each other they sit in the next pew.  In this case, everyone did know each other and so filled each pew.  Thus it was that, sitting down almost last, the Sage and I found ourselves in front of everyone but the family, albeit halfway down the church.

And there was another thing - hardly anyone was a regular churchgoer, so singing of the hymns was muted and cautious.  It was quite a contrast from last week's funeral, where the singing was vigorous and excellent and I was able to be very quiet.  I'm not a good singer.  My voice is a bit thin unless growling around the lower register, which hymns don't, and I never quite know, when I open my mouth, what will come out (this happens with speaking too: mouth overtaking brain is what my sister calls it, although in that case it's usually offering to do something that I'd be far better shutting up about rather than hitting a duff note).  However, in this case someone had to be audible, and it seems it was going to be me, so I piped up and did my very loudest and best.  

There was a meet-up at the pub afterwards, so I toddled along.  The Sage was coming too, but got side-tracked somehow (I don't know, darlings, he was probably chatting to the gravedigger and advising on filling in the grave) and so it's a good job I have Social Skills and don't rely on him being at my side.  He did arrive in the end, but I was ready to leave by then so he came home some time after I did.

I answered various business emails and phone calls and was suddenly very tired, so went to sleep.  I can't have slept for more than five minutes - I curled up in an armchair at 4.50 with the paper, didn't read it for long but was woken just before five by the Sage coming home from Yagnub with some tulips for me.  He'd bought some for Muriel and thought I'd like some too.  He was quite right.  And the catnap was enough.  

Clients came later to look at the china, which will now be packed away, and then I cooked dinner and that'll be about it for the night.  I'll gaze cluelessly at the crossword for a while (actually, that's not quite right, I've got the clues, I just won't be able to answer the buggers) and listen to music and do nothing much else.

You'd love to know what music I'll listen to I daresay.  Well, I've been playing the Elisabeth Schwarzkopf operetta CD and now I'm listening to Shearwater's new album, Animal Joy.  I think it's jolly good.  Later - I don't know yet.  I need gently cheering up, ideally.  Nothing too demanding though.  Any ideas gladly received.

And now I've got to think of a title for this post.  Always summat, innit?  

PS - this has published in tiny writing.  I've changed it to LARGEST but it's made no difference.  I'm so sorry, I haven't done a thing to cause it.  It's bloody Blogger again.  


LẌ said...

I was thinking the tiny type was a simulation of sotto voce in church!

Tim said...


Unknown said...

I find blog titles difficult to come up with, but I like the title of this one. And the blue and white china in the picture is beautiful. I used to collect it, too, but it's long gone. This house is too tiny to do much collecting.

Bilbo said...

Z. I know you like iPad and word games. Have a look at W.E.L.D.E.R. I installed it today and have found it fiendishly addictive.
Might come in handy on sleepless nights.

Wendy said...

I'd never heard of Shearwater - (i know, I live under a musical rock) - and so went to Youtube look it up...smashing stuff Z. Actually prior to reading your blog I'd never heard of Elgar either (refer to rock, above) - and am now a fan.

Blog titles are my bloggy nemesis. Yours rock.

Blue Witch said...

Z, your blog is contravening the Equality Act 2010. ie i cannot read it, and the comments box disappears as the page loads (which takes forever now with this sort of comments), so I can stillonly 'reply', even though I'm not replying.

*wonders who to complain to*

Did you enjoy R4's Any Questions and Any Answers from your neighbouring town last weekend?

Sir Bruin said...

I am impressed. I am to singing as King Herod was to baby sitting.

Christopher said...

Might I have a little word?

Z said...

A tiny squeaky undertone, to boot, LX.

Tim, thank you. I was on my way to bed when your link came in (all the times of the comments are really random, by the way) and so listened to it in the bath on my phone.

Starting titles with Z is quite a help, seems to spark off an idea - usually the title comes last but sometimes I think of it first or while writing. The china dates from the 1760s-1780s, it was all sold in our last auction (didn't belong to us, any of it). I'll put up pictures of a few in our present sale in a week or two once the catalogue is done.

Bilbo, I will. Thanks. Yes indeed, several hours again last night and it was one of the nights I needed distraction because I was making up things to worry about.

I don't think they're well known, Wendz, although I have only the haziest knowledge of who is. Their album "Rook" is brilliant, though it takes a listen or two to get into it. It was Mike Atkinson, the blogger formerly writing as Troubled Diva who introduced me to them, when I enthused to Ronan he already knew of them and hadn't told me, unhelpful boy.

Sir B, the Sage was droning away beside me, pretty well all on one note. I suspect that your singing is better than his.

Blue Witch, sorry, your comment has disappeared altogether. I have tried again to alter the size of font and it won't enlarge. And this is the only way that commenters can enable notification of further comments. Everyone else seems to be able to comment, however. I'll retrieve your comment and publish it. It's not me, honestly.

Of course, Chris. What were you wanting to say?

Z said...

From Blue Witch - Z, your blog is contravening the Equality Act 2010. ie i cannot read it, and the comments box disappears as the page loads (which takes forever now with this sort of comments), so I can still only 'reply', even though I'm not replying.

*wonders who to complain to*

Did you enjoy R4's Any Questions and Any Answers from your neighbouring town last weekend?

Z said...

Any Qs (and As) irritates me so immensely that I can't listen to it. Makes me want to throw things at the radio.

Blue Witch said...

It's worth listening to as it's about, erm, let's put it cryptically, educational developments in your neighbouring area.

Interestingly, on a different browser version, there is a comments box that doesn't disappear.

I think the new blogger pop-up comments boxes are much better than the old blogger ones. How many people actually subscribe to comments? I don't, I keep my brain active by remembering to check back on next visit. But, I'm very old school blogging and non-social networky, as you know. Twas different (better, IMHO) in the Olde Dayes :)

Z said...

Indeed, I'm with you, BW. I'm sure someone will tell me what was said. I'm not tempted to Listen Again.

I love the chat between commenters, it's how I've found a lot of friends. I liked the pop-up box too, but having to remember the blogs I've commented on and going back to see what else has been said is a bit of a bind when one has got out of the habit. I'm more than happy to take a poll though and see what others say. But why Blogger has removed the option from the pop-up box is beyond me - after all, it's not compulsory to tick it.

Anonymous said...

It's still there, Mr. LX knows where it's hidden.