Thursday 27 October 2011

Counting down to the auction

I must be having a bit of an Ian Ke11y moment, when Wink rang to suggest a weekend for us to meet in London and go to the theatre, I suggested the play that he is in.  Although, if it had been said to be rubbish, I wouldn't have gone.  Someone said they'd seen it in its pre-London run (he wasn't in it then) and recommended it.  I haven't yet decided whether I'll stay for a couple of nights, I will see what else I want to do.  I don't think Wink will be staying, but then she's had a couple of holidays this year and I haven't had a single night away since last early November.

We're pretty well set for the auction, I've still got to mark up some bids and the people whom I'll be phoning during the sale - we can't do online bidding, but we do telephone bids.  Someone rings the wannabe bidder a few minutes before the item they've registered an interest in.  I claim first place there, you know how I like to take charge! - the Sage is in charge, obviously, no question of a takeover bid from me, but I want to back him up and ... okay, maybe there's a slight ego problem here.

Now I'm writing down the people who've already registered.  The Sage, encouraged by my sudden keenness, has said I can do a lot of the bidding.  Which is fun, but quite stressful, I have to keep careful track of who is bidding for each lot, and there are a few either/or bids too.

Looking forward to it? ... well no, not entirely.  I do find it both more tiring and more stressful every year. The Sage loves it and has no intention of retiring.  I'm glad he's so successful and I do find it interesting, and it's great to see the 'regulars'.  But I'll be pleased when it's over and maybe something else can be the topic of conversation for a few weeks.

Though that's probably too much to hope for.


Blue Witch said...

Good luck with the sale.

Unknown said...

Hello Z. Yes, I know how Russel feels. A year or two ago Ann rather wanted me to retire. Well, I enjoy what I do, and whilst my eyes and hands are good I've no intention of retiring. The real problem is not selling good quality stock, it's finding and replacing it, when sold. That's a constant strain. We've slowed down as dealers, but the search for good gear is still very satisfying.

Rosie said...

If I was within striking distance I would go and see that play. Surely the only one left that is not a musical.

Roses said...

I'd wish you good luck, except you don't need it. You're well experienced and prepared. So instead...have fun with it darling.

Z said...

An auction always has an element of luck in it - it's unpredictable, that's the fun. And I know how the Sage feels too, but it's twice a year and yet it seems to dominate everything for months on end. Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

I rarely go to the theatre, Rosie, except for classics - by which I don't mean a revival of something dated. I became fed up with spending a lot of money and being disappointed - but I'm quite hopeful of this one.

PixieMum said...

As we didn't make it to the famous Wall Party perhaps it would be possible to meet up for a coffee when you are in London.

Would not wish to intrude upon the limited time you will have with Wink of course.

Z said...

That would be lovely, Madeleine, I'll see how the timings work and get back to you. I'd love to meet you in person.