Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Art in a woodland setting

It was worth the journey for the Burrell Collection alone. It was a delight. Since I am too tired, as I predicted, to write anything much (although I have drunk enough wine to make my typing a whole lot more accurate than it was an hour ago), I'll give you some pictures, mostly of animals. These are all Egyptian or Chinese, I think.
The nuisance of Blogger now is that you can't type while pictures are uploading, although I'm sure the blurb said you'd be able to. Anyway, here are the photos. I've got lots more, darlings, in case I'm similarly afflicted by an inability to form coherent sentences tomorrow.


Gledwood said...

What's altered about blogger that you can't type while pictures are uploading?... I'm not sure I ever could.
Or could I?
I dunno ...

heybartender said...

Nice! That looks like a great collection. About to join you for wine while I catch up on the rest of your blog.

Christopher said...

Is No.4 The Sage? I thought you'd gone on your own.

Dave said...

I'm not sure drinking wine would improve my typing.

Z said...

You could in the original Blogger. You still can, if you don't use the updated version, I suppose. The pictures do load quicker now and you can do more than five at a time, but you place them on the blog individually.

There is a lot more, though I didn't take a load of photos. I did love all the animals, particularly the dog and the owls, which I think are very amusing (a hoot, you might say).

It looks very like him, Christopher, though my Sage is a little thinner in the face.

Remarkable, isn't it, Dave? When I emailed you earlier, I was so tired that my typing was all over the place and I had to keep correcting it, but I typed the whole post without a correction, once I'd restored my equilibrium with a glass or two.

*starts to worry about delerium tremens*

*wonders if it would have been safer to go with DTs as unsure of correct spelling*


Rog said...

Lovely Camel.

Now I'm thinking of Phil's Mulled Whines.

Anonymous said...

The Korean bowl is great, and what a lovely tiger! Wonder what they drank from the owls?
Delirium tremens is not as bad as it sounds, as long as you draw a clear line.

allotmentqueen said...

If you're ever in the Salisbury area, try the NewArt Centre at Roche Court - it has some fabulous pieces all in beautiful settings.

Z said...

I loved the camel. And the tiger. Honestly, I coveted so many things in that exhibition.

Mulled Whines is one of the most brilliant blog names in the book.

And as for the DTs advice - Mago, I give you a very affectionate hug.

Thank you, AQ - when I next go to see my sister, I'll take a visit there. I've made a note of it and also bookmarked the site.

Anonymous said...

The ewer with the dragon (did not know this word until now, "Wasserkrug" the dictionaire says) on the left seemingly mimicks the wooden "original" ... I would very much like to use these things - putting flowers in this beautiful "simple" vase, making tea with the help of one of these dragons.

luckyzmom said...

Beautiful. Thank you for posting. I have to be drug out of most art museums kicking and screaming.