Monday, 24 March 2008

Ooh, photos!!(!)

It was a beautiful sunny morning but there had been, unexpectedly, a snowfall in the night. I trotted out soon after 8 o'clock to take a picture, and it was already starting to drip from the trees. A few minutes later, Al's front door opened and he came out with the children and they started to build a snowman together. Dilly had gone to spend the night with her sister as they had something on this morning and she didn't want to make an early start in the frost.

There are better photos, but they show the children's faces, and Al's, and I don't think he would like me to post them. I am tantalising you with a glimpse of the mysterious and wonderful Sage.

My sister and I were grumbling about increased costs this morning and agreeing that we were both thinking before we spent money. A couple of years ago, for instance, when I first bought my present car, it cost £40 to fill it. Last autumn, it crept above £50. Now, it costs £60. Then I read this in the paper. And we shut up and wiped our eyes.

She's at work tomorrow, so she left for Wiltshire after breakfast. It's been duller without her...


Dave said...

The sage is the one dressed in white, I assume.

He's a little rounder than I'd imagined.

Malcolm Cinnamond said...

Diesel on our island is now £1.31 a litre. It's a little cheaper on Orkney mainland - £1.24.

Sadly the snow that has fallen here is the powdery variety so no snowmen I fear.

Z said...

Dave, darling, look again with your good eye. That is a snowman.

Blimey, Malc, that's nearly £6 a gallon.

Pat said...

Lovely photos. I'll bet he used to wear thorn proof tweeds(and if he's like MTL still gardens in them)
What are the bobbley bits on his head- the snow man I mean?

Z said...

I'm not sure what they are, Pat - some sort of seed-cases. I'll ask Al where he found them and try to identify them.

heybartender said...

LOVE the snowman. Haven't seen snow here in a couple of years.
Also, I'm with you on the rising cost of everything. I can't complain about the cost of gas here- everyone else will, but I know how much it should cost. Corn and wheat are soaring, though. And our government will still ask the taxpayers to foot the bill for farm subsidies. *sigh*
There has to be an easier way, right?

Z said...

The official cost of living index, on which pay and pension rises are calculated, show a much lower rate of inflation than is accurate, because it includes things like electric and electronic goods, but the basic necessities have gone way up.

Farmers here have had a tough few years and are at last making a bit of money.