Wednesday 7 November 2007

Z works 9-5

Well, not exactly 'work' - more 'watch other people work and write it down'. It was the first of three days observing lessons and stuff at school. Then there was a meeting. More of the same tomorrow, but I start a little later and finish a little earlier, which is just as well as I must do some washing soon or run out of clean knickers - except the sensible ones, and we don't want to resort to that, do we?

I had planned to cycle in, until it dawned on me that I would be coming home in the dark and I haven't got any lights yet. They may arrive tomorrow, in which case I could get them on the way home. It would be foolish to attempt it at lunchtime, as it's uphill to the high school from the cycle shop and I will already have made the amazing effort once. It remains to be seen how I will get on on a bike in a skirt suit. Not a short skirt, I think. But if I leave soon after 3.30 I'll be home before dark in any case, especially as it's downhill all the way.

The Sage has been to see his engineer and car buff friend, Mike, who reckons he can repair the car. It will cost far less than the garage would charge, and since the Sage took to the chap because he jumped straight from his car, apologising and saying he would stump up without question, he naturally wants to keep the cost as low as possible.

I haven't started work yet. I put blogging first...well, second, after food. Moussaka. Of course I didn't fry the aubergines, what do you take me for?


Dave said...

Watching other people work and writing it down. How can we get jobs like that?

The Boy said...

Is this a pre Ofsted inspection inspection? I'd appreciate hearing from the front line, but as a parent, there seems to be perhaps a bit too much inspection going on, and it warps the teaching patterns.

And just why don't you fry the aubergine? I grew up amongst greeks to whom that was a perfectly acceptible starting point!

I, Like The View said...

did you do that thing with the salt and the aubergine tho? draining all the bitter juices out

I love moussaka


Z said...

Dave, I can guarantee your local school (when you are settled in your new home) will welcome you. You don't require paying, do you?

Boy, we are expecting Ofsted before long as we're applying for a second specialism (science college already) and it'll be required. This is nothing to do with that though, each governor on the curriculum committee is linked to a subject and each autumn we spend a week on our subject area. Doesn't mean we don't do it at other times too, of course, especially me in the SEN dept.

Aubergines absorb all the olive oil you let near them, don't they? Delicious, but no good to me. I brushed them lightly with oil (2 tsp at most) and baked them instead. I don't salt them first any longer, as I can never get rid of all that salt and I don't find modern varieties bitter.

luckyzmom said...

I must not have been listening at some point, because I completely missed the part explaining "three days observing lessons and stuff at school".

How is all this uphill cycling affecting your hip. I would think it would be hard on it.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing beats watching lessons in school. Yesterday I spent the day in a (very) Catholic junior school. It was then that I realised it's not the Muslims indoctrintating their kids that we have to worry about as the Daily Wail would have us beleive.

I think that prayers at the begining and end of every different subject lesson, and a teacher saying, "Tom and Jed, it's not just *me* who is watching you, remember who's upstairs" is just a tad excessive, don't you?.

If you get an oil spray from Lakeland or similar, you can reduce the oil/calories further (although I'd say that the olive oil was good for your joints).

Z said...

I was carrying something for a friend the other day and she said "I thought you were supposed to take non-load bearing exercise". I explained that I was the load that was heavy, not anything I was likely to carry. I'm supposed to exercise it, and swimming or cycling are ideal. If I resorted to swimming I'd go once a month at most, and useful exercise is easiest to build into your day. The uphill bits make my thighs ache, I don't use them much usually!

BW, my Catholic school wasn't like that, I'm quite shocked.

Yes, I could get a spray, though I'm pretty canny about cooking without fat anyway as my mother had to have a very low fat diet. I don't see the need to cut it all out though.