Sunday, 13 August 2006

Youth Orchestra of the Americas - again

The other day I wrote about my visit to the concert at Snape to hear Youth Orchestra of the Americas. I suggested that, if any member of the orchestra found my blog that they might say hello - and didn't expect to hear anything further. But Leslie, one of the flautists, found me and I'm so thrilled. This is her blog.

Thanks again, Leslie.


Pat said...

How exciting. No man with the nice hands?

Z said...

Very exciting, I'm so glad she has been reminded how much the audience enjoyed it.
If the man with the hands was there, I didn't see him. I'm going again tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'd know his face, though I'd recognise his hands.

Catie said...

Hello there!

I'm a trombonist from YOA who wandered into your blog whilst attempting to update my own with tour photos. We are all back safe and sound, but I think the whole of our experience is just beginning to hit home. I myself dreamt of Tico-Tico just last night, and am currently translating an email from a Costa Rican colleague with my new Spanish-English Dictionary. If blogger ever does allow me to update, you can catch my photos and recollections at catiesummer.blogspot.