Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday's five

1 Sunshine and warmth!  I had to wear sunglasses to drive.  Mind you, I gather the weather forecast is none too good for tomorrow.

2 Awful noises came from the new phones and it wasn't even a heavy breather.  Turned out that the base had to be plugged into a different socket, not the main one - which was the one the previous phone worked best from.  Ho hum.

3 I'm going to the Manet exhibition at the RA tomorrow.  Early start, I've got to be in Norwich by 7.15.

4 A meeting at the school with feedback from an evaluation we had done by advisors, who gave impartial advice on how well we're doing and how to improve.  I was quite enthused and invigorated by it all, which shows that my assertion that I need outside interests and responsibilities, however much work they are, if I'm not to be bored and depressed, is correct.

5 Time to walk the dog.  Goodnight


Tim said...

I suspect your phone socket has been infiltrated by glis glis.

mig said...

Lovely and warm here too. Ooh Manet - have a wonderful time.

janerowena said...

I hope you are getting the sunshine that is currently trying to break through. Yesterday felt wonderful.

Pat said...

One has to be so careful to replace those phones properly.
Give my love to Manet:)

Z said...

Wasn't sunny in London, but not cold. Very good day. Dormouse currently dozing in the teapot.