Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stop the world, Z wants to get off

1 I have just finished the agenda for the next governors' meeting, to go out tomorrow.  Also the agenda for Friday's meeting, where I've blithely put down several items that I haven't started to prepare yet.  Rather hoping my much more efficient vice-chairman will come to my rescue.

2 Huge backlog of Nadfas reports, which have come in over the last week and which I haven't had time to look at.  Next mailing has to go out by Wednesday, so that's all right, I've Tuesday morning and evening available.

3 Very entertaining watching Ben watching Crufts.  I read once that dogs can't see the 2D images on television.  That is nonsense, as you'll see from the photos below.  None of the dogs was making a sound, so he certainly saw them.

4 The field where the sheep are is flooded and they're huddled in a small area, so they will be brought on to our front field tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to that.  I like sheep.

5 I'm going to a lecture about Burghley House and Hatfield House and the Cecil family tomorrow.  Before that, I'm going with the Sage to his doctor's appointment, because he'll not report back accurately - he always tells me everything is fine, even when it isn't (he's not ill, don't worry, it's the result of a blood test) and afterwards I have to pick up a piece of china, which will mean going through Norwich at the start of the rush hour.  So that's 9-5 taken care of.

 His interest was engaged
 Listening to advice on dog training and making notes on how to avoid it
 This is more like it!
*Sniff, sniff* - wot, no smelevision?


dinahmow said...

My Burmese cat, when I lived in London, liked to watch that old Phil Drabble show about sheep dog trials.And I mean "liked to watch" She'd sit right in front of the screen, blocking my view.I'd put a dining chair by the TV so she could see without blocking me.And it didn't take long for her to recognise the show's theme and sit, expectantly, waiting for her ringside seat.
She'd never seen sheep. Or dogs, for that matter.

martina said...

Kipper will stop whatever she is doing and watch the t.v. if Cesar Milan's show is on. If she is outside and a plane flies nearby, she will look up at it. Very alert pup.

Rog said...

He's a lovely chap that Ben!

Pat said...

Yes I had to insist - a couple of years ago - that I saw the doc WITH MTL. He was not happy.

If only we could stop the world - just for a little while.

Z said...

Gill told me he likes wildlife programmes and he certainly recognises as animals species he has never seen. He takes no notice of humans on the box.

I keep calling him Chester, which is quite a compliment, Rog!

My sister's husband didn't tell her when he was seriously ill, Pat. She was very upset. He said he didn't want to worry her, but he had leukaemia and she didn't know for months.

Lisa said...

I quite miss Ben - he's such a character. Hope you've recovered from our stay - you were both quite marvellous. We're forcing someone else to put up with us now.

Liz said...

Goodness, you are busy! Makes me feel quite inadequate.

We watched a bit of Crufts and were very pleased when one of Lily's cousins won it.

Ben looks like a fine chap. I hope he is still lodging with you come the blog-meet. If not, maybe he can still attend as a VIP guest?

John Greenwood said...

Brilliant!! x

Pearl said...

Good boy!

My cats watch TV. They LOVE any bird that shows up as well as hockey!


Z said...

It was lovely, Lisa, and no trouble at all. You're welcome any time.

Liz, he should be back with his owners (*owners* Hah!) by then. I'm sure I could borrow him, but he's so overexcited when people visit that I'm not sure it's a good idea. Maybe for a little while after lunch, if we're all feeling very strong.

They're all so sophisticated nowadays, Pearl. I remember when I was a child having a dog that looked behind the mirror to find the dog he could see reflected.

Z said...

It was charming, John

mig said...

I think Nutmeg preferred the fire, he wan't very bright.
I always go with Barney to the doctor clutching my notepad and a pen because I don't trust either of us to remember a word anyone says.

luckyzmom said...

Too cute!