Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hey hey hay!

Two singularly dull photos to start with, darlings, to show you the hay crop on our front field.  Very good, in fact.  Last year it was dreadful, very short and largely nibbled by rabbits.  Fewer rabbits this year (don't ask) and we've had plenty of rain.  There will be a wedding reception held on this field in 6 weeks so some dry weather now to make the grass go dormant would be appreciated.

I'm rather running out of steam on the photo front, so do not be concerned that I'll show you the full 258 or whatever there are.  We went to another restaurant for lunch, this time stopping for an ouzo break en route.  Here I am, looking fat, with Peter - by the way, do note Peter's lovely ankles.  Many a woman would break laws of the land for those ankles (I've had this discussion with Pam who acknowledges their gorgeousness too - mind you, so has she.  I feel at such a disadvantage with those two).

I'm sure I should know the tree but I don't, please tell me.  And the required photo of a lovely little bay.

Delicious sardines for lunch at a delightful restaurant.  The proprietor, charming as Greek men are hard-wired to be, called me darling when I went to pay.

Just one day left, when we went to Corfu town.  It's all diminishing into distant memories already.  I couldn't live the ex-pat life but I'm starting to understand those who do.  I'm afraid, in my terribly boring and responsible way, I still feel I need to validate myself, do something useful and - awful phrase - 'make a difference' but the need to switch off is becoming more necessary to me too.  I think that I've worried too much, mostly about the Sage, for the last few months and I certainly haven't slept enough.  Although I've made up for it the past couple of nights, when I've gone to bed early and slept for hours and hours.  Yesterday, I hardly did anything.  I read the papers, made soup, went for a walk, pottered in the greenhouse.  Today I've been busy.  Music with Year 9, a long meeting with the Head where we each gave the other a long list of jobs to do, I spent the afternoon doing mine.  This evening, the first of two new intake evenings at the school.  I stood and smiled a lot.  Tomorrow, nothing in the diary.  Awfully tempting to curl up in an armchair and read all day and that's what I'd have done at one time.  Now I'm just so damn responsible that it simply doesn't happen.  But I still feel useful and that's the way I like it, reluctant as I am to admit the fact.


wendz said...

Do you know, it's just over 6 years I've been reading your blog? My first comment was the afternoon I heard my Dad had died - 15 June 2006. Where have the years gone, Z?

All I know is that I've got older and fatter (you once told me I would struggle with weight gain as I got older and how right you were!) and have more lines and wrinkles, yet am happier than I was back then, skinny, chain-smoking madwoman that I was.

Now why have I told you all that? No idea.


You look wonderful in your photo....not fat at all. Just normal and relaxed and content. Enjoying yourself.

And yes, it's simply not on that a man should have such elegant ankles.

(Never had sardines - well out of a tin with tomato sauce, but that doesn't count.)

Z said...

Oh Wendy, it's lovely that we're still friends after 6 years and just one meeting! Did I say that? How personal!

I love sardines, the best I've had were in Portugal. I like extracting fish from bones though and I enjoy simple but fiddly food.

Red Biddy said...

I check in from afar to read your blog every day. It reminds me that among all the bad news and nasty stories in the English papers there are still people like you, who help other people, have a sense of duty and enjoy the routine of family and friends, too.
Long may you blog!

Rog said...

I'm a bit concerned about the wedding in a field. Will they plight their troth or have to plough their tright

Sir Bruin said...

Rog - That was a rather harrowing comment.
Z - I believe that this is the point where I step in and say that you look gorgeous and not at all fat.

Z said...

Red Biddy, that's a lovely thing to say and thank you. I'm not nearly as nice as I might seem of course, but the sense of duty is all there.

Rog, the bride's father is a vicar and she's reaping the benefit.

Sir B, how charmingly gallant and reassuring. Thank you, dear heart.

john.g. said...

Alas, it's forecast to throw it down tonight. Best of luck! xx

Z said...

All is safely gathered in, John. The farmer saw the forecast too! It'll be made into silage or haylage rather than left to dry as hay.

Vagabonde said...

I have been looking at your pictures – such beautiful landscape. Staying inside with a good book sounds like the thing to do when it is so warm outside. We are with my daughter in Memphis, Tennessee, right now and it will be 94 F this afternoon, in the shade! (appr 34 C.)

Roses said...

Well, I suppose they've got to do it while the sun shines...

I love your holiday pix.

My favourite quote about worrying is this: Worrying is a bit like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere.

I will email you to get some dates out of you. Lunch is in order!

Girlie time!


luckyzmom said...

You look great, laid back and all like you should when you're on vacation. I am enjoying the photos enormously.