Wednesday, 7 October 2009

D formation

No really, it seems to be an untruth universally accepted that I drink a lot. I don't. I may be seen at all social occasions with a glass in my hand, but that does not suggest that it's frequently being emptied by me and refilled. Indeed, I distinctly remember (for I was sober all the time) at Weeza and Phil's wedding filling my glass, with infinite subtlety, only three-quarters full at the start and clutching it most of the evening. Since I took the occasional swig, it was assumed that I had had several glassfuls, but only the one. Until it warmed just too much, when it was quietly poured onto the grass and re-half-filled.

Nevertheless, I do avow that one of the biggest treats is drinking during the day. PURELY BECAUSE IT'S SO RARE (please excuse the rare excursion into Dooce-territory. Great girl, but she don't half shout a lot). So yesterday, when I had a glass of wine before lunch, was a delight.

Today was a delight too, mind you, though no alcohol was involved at all, because Weeza sent me an email this morning with a newspaper article about increased speed traps around and about, and particularly in Boringland (the first letter should be a P, but the village sign was defaced, not by me, some years ago and it does seem to suit, for drivers-through at any rate though I'm sure it's a truly delightful place to live. Really - I often use the shops and I know some nice people who live there). She was, googlemailwise, online, so I said a cheery 'hi', as one does (how come 'Hi' is an acceptable salutation for email when it Wouldn't Do for a letter? And when did 'Kind regards' be the norm for signing off, email or letter, if semi-formal to friendly?). Anyhoo, it transpired that she would be home by lunchtime, so I invited myself over. Very enjoyable. Zerlina has sprouted lots of teeth in the last week or so, having had only 4 (reduced to 3) for months. She is also walking steadily, although still holding her arms out, zombie-like, for balance. I advised on pruning of shrubs and various plants for winter, and also on planting of tulips. Can't be arsed to do it but I'm sound on advice.

Ooh! - Update - Weeza has just forwarded this. Another use for a butt


weeza said...

Hi! & thank you for not doing a D for Daughters thingamy. Thoroughly enjoyed today, in spite of my DD needing work on her PF. This will take sooome time.

Where'd the piss'ead stuff come from? 'Oose been calling ythat? You are NATURALLY EBULLIENT when en forme in a party situation, scwew the haters! ;-D

Weeza xx

Z said...

Ooh, as if I would, darling.

Naturally ebullient. Exactly. C'est zoi.

Dave said...

I passed 2 hand-held speed cameras this morning (one on the way to you, one (in a different place) on the way back). Don't think I was speeding either time, but no doubt you'd meet the costs involved, as I was travelling on your behalf, and you failed to pass on this warning in time.

Four Dinners said...

Drinking a lot is fun!!!!

Actually I may have to cut down a bit. I think I'm going to be a driving instructor....

I'm a crap driver so I can show my pupils how not to do it...;-)

(I am, incidentally, quite serious)

....oh dear

Z said...

You could have checked the blog yesterday when you got in, Dave. In fact, I'm quite upset to find that the last thing you do every night is, evidently, not to read my latest post.

I've been wondering what you were going to do with the rest of your working life, 4D. Driving instructor hadn't occurred to me, I confess.

Dave said...

I'm a daytime blogger. I rarely lok at them after the sun has gone down.

Z said...

You miss so much, Dave.